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Logging configuration


Throughout this page, $RMANHOME is the target directory where rasdaman will be installed, by default: /opt/rasdaman.

Log Files and Directories

rasdaman uses the Easylogging++ library for logging in its C++ components.

The location of the log output, its format and other properties can be configured as documented on GitHub page.

The following configuration files are provided by the default installation:

  • $RMANHOME/etc/log-rasmgr.conf - log output configuration of rasmgr.
  • $RMANHOME/etc/log-server.conf - log output configuration of the rasservers.
  • $RMANHOME/etc/log-client.conf - log output configuration of client applications, e.g., rasql.

The files are automatically loaded when an application starts. After a user modifies a configuration file, the application that uses the file must be restarted for the change to take effect.