Spatio-Temporal Big Data: the rasdaman approach

The information on this page is deprecated, we are working on updating the tutorial. Stay tuned!

3D gridded coverage model.

Download here the workshop PDF tutorial, and the log of shell exercises.
Datasets and VM environment (Linux) can also be downloaded.


  1. Concepts
    1. rasdaman Array DBMS and its RasQL query language
    2. the GMLCOV model
    3. Web Coverage Service and its Processing extension
  2. Hands-on
    1. deploy required components for web access of data
    2. ingesting & querying your own dataset:
      • 2D rectified image
      • 3D regular time series of images
      • 3D irregular time series of images

Participants are going to learn:

  • WCS/WCPS standards
  • setting up and querying spatio-temporal gridded coverages within those
  • rasdaman and its components for input/output

The workshop has been presented so far at:

(image credit: P. Campalani et al: Making Time Just Another Axis in Geospatial Services. Proc. 20th Intl. Symp. on Temporal Representation and Reasoning (TIME'13)]]

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