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Welcome to rasdaman -- the world's most flexible and scalable Array Engine

rasdaman ("raster data manager") allows storing and querying massive multi-dimensional arrays, such as sensor, image, simulation, and statistics data appearing in domains like earth, space, and life science. This worldwide leading array analytics engine distinguishes itself by its flexibility, performance, and scalability. Rasdaman can process arrays residing in file system directories as well as in databases.

In fact, rasdaman has pioneered Array Databases being the first fully implemented, operationally used system with an array query language and optimized processing engine with unprecedented scalability. Known rasdaman databases exceed dozens of TB; EarthServer, is establishing intercontinental fusion of Petabyte datacubes.

OpenHub says: "top 10% of all project teams on Open Hub",
"maintained by a large development team",
"well established, mature codebase, stable Y-O-Y commits"

Wanna try? It's easy! First, for getting an impression of rasdaman you can to try out hands-on: is a demonstration site showcasing rasdaman-enabled the Big Earth Data standards OGC WCS and WCPS in a variety of 1-D to 5-D geo use cases. Next, you can download readily configured VMs, RPMs, or - of course - compile rasdaman from source. For each step, there is ample documentation available, as well as professional support, including dedicated mailing lists.

Next-Generation Geo Raster Server. From simple geo imagery services up to complex analytics, rasdaman provides the whole spectrum of functionality on spatio-temporal raster data - both regular and irregular grids. And it does so with an unprecedented performance and scalability, as recent scientific benchmarks show. To leverage this enabling technology, users do not necessarily have to learn new interfaces: rasdaman integrates smoothly with R, OpenLayers, Leaflet, NASA WorldWind, GDAL, MapServer, ESRI ArcGIS, and many more.

rasdaman is OGC coverage reference implementation Makers of Big Data Standards. Rasdaman is brought to you by the guys writing the Big Datacube standards. The forthcoming ISO SQL/MDA (Multi-Dimensional Arrays) standard, integrating n-D arrays seamlessly into table world, has been crafted by the rasdaman team. This standard will be domain-independent and can serve all of Earth, Space, Life sciences, and beyond. Further, rasdaman is the blueprint for OGC WCS and WCPS, the OGC raster query language. No surprise, rasdaman supports OGC WMS, WCS core and all extensions including WCS-T, WCPS, and WPS. Further, rasdaman is INSPIRE WCS reference implementation.

Big Data Challenge winner in the international Copernicus Masters competition Worldwide Recognition and Success. In 2016, US CIO Review picks rasdaman into their 100 Most Promising Big Data Technologies. rasdaman is official OGC and INSPIRE WCS Reference Implementation. Further, rasdaman is listed in the GEOSS Component and Service Registry. Finally, rasdaman is included in the OSGeo Live DVD) of particularly recommended open-source geo tools.

Game changing, disruptive technology. During a thorough review in Fall 2014, independent experts unanimously attested that, based on "proven evidence", rasdaman will significantly transform the way scientists access and use data in a way that hitherto was not possible. In 2014, rasdaman was selected sole winner of Big Data Challenge in the worldwide Copernicus Masters competition, underlining its maturity and scalability. This is along a chain of innovation awards rasdaman continues to receive. See also the listing on OpenHub for the business value of the rasdaman open source code. In 2017, The European Space Agency (ESA) recognizes rasdaman as "the world-leading technology in this field".


  • March 2017 -- the ISO SQL MDA (Multi-Dimensional Arrays) candidate standard is sent out for ballot, following months of hard work on the details
  • October 2016 -- the rasdaman team hosts an ISO meeting for finalizing the ISO SQL MDA (Multi-Dimensional Arrays) standards draft
  • September 2016 -- rasdaman presented at INSPIRE conference in Barcelona as official INSPIRE WCS Reference Implementation picked by the INSPIRE Drafting Team
  • July 2016 -- US CIO Review picks rasdaman into their 100 Most Promising Big Data Technologies
  • May 2016 -- after six and a half years of deliberation, OSGeo finds out that rasdaman does not fit their "design by committee" doctrine, and both sides agree therefore that OSGeo is too narrow for accommodating rasdaman
  • October 2015 -- OGC adopted our WCS-T specification as a standard, which will tremendously ease coverage maintenance and coverage service mashups
  • October 2015 -- In Tokyo, the ISO SQL Working Group resolves that the SQL/MDA ("Multi-Dimensional Array") specification is to be rolled out for CD ballot; this specification is based on rasdaman and written by us
  • July 2015 -- following earlier prerelease, the stable version of rasdaman 9.1 is released now, with tons of improvements and new functionality
  • June 2015 -- OpenHub attests rasdaman a "large team, in the top 10% of all project teams on Open Hub"
  • February 2015 -- Currently we are aware of 230 TB of rasdaman databases of atmosphere, ocean, land, and planetary science data. Let us know if you have another Big Data instance running!
  • more news...

Download, Documentation

Go to the Download page for instructions. There is ample documentation, including query and programming examples (check out our tutorial on spatio-temporal data with rasdaman too).


The Large-Scale Scientific Information Services research group at Jacobs University Bremen is the core development team. Feel free to contact us!

A dedicated research spin-off company, rasdaman GmbH, provides software enhancements, expert consultancy, participation in projects, and joint ventures on a commercial basis to foster widespread use of rasdaman.

See also the support page.


Interested in the scientific background? There is a host of publications available.

PS: Greetings to all rastafarians! wha'ppen, man?

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