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    2020 * ''Note:'' the key-value pair format parameters style is deprecated.
    2121* WCS/WCPS support exporting array results in JSON format ("application/json").
     24=== v9.4.0 ===
     26Addressed tickets between v9.4.0-beta2 and v9.4.0:
     28git log --pretty=format:"* changeset:%h | %s (%an)" v9.4.0-beta2..v9.4.0 | sort -k 3 -t ':'
     30* changeset:91ca341 | ticket:1413 changes to compile rasdaman with DENABLE_STRICT=ON (Brennan Bell)
     31* changeset:6da168f | ticket:1440 - fix compilation of c++ example (Dimitar Misev)
     32* changeset:aaaad27 | ticket:1455 - nil value is converted correctly in gdal ingredient file (Bang Pham Huu)
     33* changeset:f565b5c | ticket:1469 - fix error with colorPallete in WCPS JSON encode (Bang Pham Huu)
     34* changeset:d05aea0 | ticket:1469 - Support extra parameters in WCPS with line breaks (Bang Pham Huu)
     35* changeset:4b40bfc | ticket:1495 - remove the output directory in system test before running test (Bang Pham Huu)
     36* changeset:a64c790 | ticket:1495 - remove the remaining error coverages when system test clean up imported coverage (Bang Pham Huu)
     37* changeset:a38bc01 | ticket:1503 - support directPositions in netCDF when pixel_is_point:false (Bang Pham Huu)
     38* changeset:e34e06e | ticket:1504 - support directPositions in grib file for aggreated irregular axis (Bang Pham Huu)
     39* changeset:d4148f2 | ticket:1507 - Evaluate the bands's metadata and refactor general recipes to be consistent (Bang Pham Huu)
     40* changeset:3e44184 | ticket:1511 made a small change in the hdf files and added an include to ensure clean compiles with make and make -j (Brennan Bell)
     41* changeset:97906d8 | ticket:1511 - small reduction to memory leaks arising with debug params enabled (Brennan Bell)
     42* changeset:2ed39f5 | ticket:1512 - Fix system test checking errors for test scripts without queries directory (Bang Pham Huu)
     43* changeset:84140e6 | ticket:1513 - Change WMS table rasqlQueryTransformer data type to text for longer query (Bang Pham Huu)
     44* changeset:ca57e11 | ticket:1514 - make unit-check works again. (Brennan Bell)
     45* changeset:5aba1e8 | ticket:1515 - running the command 'make unit-check' in the build directory should no longer throw Failures or Exceptions. (Brennan Bell)
     46* changeset:1d997ca | ticket:1518 - Evaluation expression for metadata enquoted with single quotes by default (Bang Pham Huu)
     47* changeset:5769a47 | ticket:1519 - Rollback transaction when SQL query failed with wcst_import (Bang Pham Huu)
     48* changeset:2580fad | ticket:1521 - Validate the status code from URL before processing in wcst_import (Bang Pham Huu)
     49* changeset:b027e55 | ticket:1522 - remove leading, trailing spaces in URLs from wcst_import ingredient file (Bang Pham Huu)
     50* changeset:6034785 | ticket:1523 - RasUtil uses port from rasdaman_url config in (Bang Pham Huu)
     51* changeset:d9d9353 | ticket:1524 - print feedback about which file is analyzing before importing by wcst_import (Bang Pham Huu)
     52* changeset:93572ff | ticket:1525 - Sort all the slices by the datetime axis in wcst_import (Bang Pham Huu)
     53* changeset:c5af0f4 | ticket:1527 - Petascope WCST throws correct exception when disable_write_operations is true (Bang Pham Huu)
     54* changeset:5af0206 | ticket:1528 - wcst_import keep the global attributes of netcdf when auto is specified in ingredient file (Bang Pham Huu)
     55* changeset:56a95b6 | ticket:1530 - add support for profiling with gperftools (Dimitar Misev)
     56* changeset:11cfec4 | ticket:1534 - SECORE relax the default application name and https prefix (Bang Pham Huu)
     57* changeset:6d03bc7 | ticket:1536 - petascope relaxes the difference between files's resolution (Bang Pham Huu)
     58* changeset:e9afda4 | ticket:1536 - Support calculating netCDF regular axes's resolution internally in WCS_Import (Bang Pham Huu)
     59* changeset:b956289 | ticket:1540 - wcst_import with gdal error too many files open (Bang Pham Huu)
     60* changeset:574c84e | ticket:1541 - call memory_trim() after each query to make sure that all memory from the top of rasserver's heap has been released (Dimitar Misev)