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Rasdaman Installer

The rasdaman installer allows users to install rasdaman on a machine through a single script - it can't be easier than that! And it is safe: you can inspect the script and see what's happening. Plus, you retain full control over your configuration by simply editing a JSON file.

Currently, the following distributions are supported:

  • Debian (7, 8)
  • Ubuntu (12.04, 14.04)
  • CentOS (7)

First-Time Installation

Download the installer and execute it:

chmod +x

Updating an Existing Installation

Updating a rasdaman installation (if established with the installer) is just as easy:

That is all, follow the instructions on the screen and you should be done.

Creating Your Own Profile

An online application that helps you configure your rasdaman installation is available below: After you create your profile run it using

./ -j ~/Downloads/rasdaman_profile.json