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Guided Rasdaman Installation

The rasdaman installer allows users to install rasdaman on a machine through a single script which wraps and hides all the details of manual compilation - it can't be easier than that! And it is safe: you can inspect the script and see what's happening. Plus, you retain full control over your configuration by simply editing a JSON file.

Currently, the following distributions are supported:

  • Debian (7, 8)
  • Ubuntu (12.04, 14.04)
  • CentOS (7)

First-Time Installation

Download the installer and execute it:


This creates a vanilla installation using reasonable defaults. See below how to change configuration parameters.

Updating an Existing Installation

Updating a rasdaman installation (if established with the installer) is just as easy:

That is all, follow the instructions on the screen and you should be done.

Creating Your Own Profile

The installer makes use of a configuration file, rasdaman_profile.json, which it creates during first-time rasdaman installation and which it reuses during rasdaman updates. While reasonable defaults are built in, settings can be tweaked - either by edting the JSON file, or get yourself one generated through the form below.

After establishing this file, apply it through

./ -j ~/Downloads/rasdaman_profile.json

Configuration creation form