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Download Preconfectioned rasdaman VM

This is the easiest way of obtaining rasdaman. The preconfectioned VM has a running rasdaman system with a database already containing sample data for experimentation.

rasdaman 9.2 VM image

A recent rasdaman VM image can be downloaded from here.

Login credentials: rasdaman/rasdaman

Installation directory is /opt/rasdaman.

rasdaman 9.1 VM image

A rasdaman 9.1 VM image can be downloaded in the following formats:

  • VirtualBox package that can be readily used in VirtualBox by opening the .vbox file
  • OVA package which can be imported in most VM software, including VirtualBox, VMWare, etc.

Login credentials: rasdaman/rasdaman

rasdaman @ OSGeo Live

A complete VM, also including all OSGeo certified tools, is available for download at Be aware that this installation relies on the OSGeo release cycle and, therefore, will usually not reflect the latest software state.