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Configuration Files and Directories Overview

Overall directory structure

Since rasdaman 9.2, directories are concentrated in /opt/rasdaman. We refer to this location as $RMANHOME below.

Subdirectories tbd.

Log files

Rasdaman server logs are placed in $RMANHOME/log/. The server components feed the following files: server worker logs, usually named; ls -ltr is a useful command to see the latest modified logs at the bottom server manager log

More information on rasdaman logging can be found on the wiki:rasdamanlogging

Further relevant log locations are

postgresql /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_log
tomcat petascope log messages can be found in:
CentOS 7: /usr/share/tomcat/petascope.log
CentOS 6: /var/log/tomcat6/catalina.out

Configuration files

Server rasdaman configuration files can be found in $RMANHOME/etc.

rasmgr.conf allows fine-tunning the rasdaman servers, e.g. number of servers, names, database connection, etc. set petascope properties, e.g. database/rasdaman connection details, CRS resolver URLs, various feature options petascope logging configuration petascope properties specifically for the WMS service
~/.rasdaman/rasconnect (deprecated) in case the rasgeo (rasimport/raserase) component is used; has to be installed manually, see example configuration file [wiki;Install#rasgeo here]

Further relevant configuration files are

postgresql /var/lib/pgsql/data/{postgresql.conf,pg_hba.conf}
tomcat /etc/tomcat/ or /etc/tomcat6/