Jun 17, 2017:

1:50 PM Ticket #1581 (rasdaman update fails) created by pbaumann
situation: older rasdaman installation exists (9.x) effect: - …
1:24 PM Ticket #1580 (install.sh text fixes) created by pbaumann
The installer script has some glitches: - missing copyright / open …

Jun 16, 2017:

12:31 PM Ticket #1579 (binary & unary ops: type validity can be extended) created by bbell
Many operations are well-defined on the complex numbers, but in …
11:14 AM Ticket #1577 (CSV has incorrect syntax in 1D) closed by bbell

Jun 15, 2017:

10:11 PM Changeset [01543da] by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1577 - modified output of 1-D csv to be standards-conformant …
11:34 AM Ticket #1505 (csv output of multidimensional data is missing outer parens) closed by dmisev
invalid: We should do the opposite: remove the braces from 1D, and then it will …
11:20 AM Ticket #1578 (Make sure we use JSON and not CSV encode in petascope, raswct, etc.) created by dmisev
Our CSV encode is not very standard for 3D+ and using JSON would be …
11:05 AM Ticket #1577 (CSV has incorrect syntax in 1D) created by pbaumann
in the WCPS console of earthlook when sending this query […] I get …

Jun 12, 2017:

3:42 PM Changeset [2133bd1]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:502 - Refactor Petascope with using Spring framework and …
3:40 PM Ticket #1576 (rasj requires the remote hostname to be resolvable locally) created by dmisev
Suppose we have a server machine with hostname REMOTEHOST, accessible …

Jun 10, 2017:

1:33 PM Changeset [e2d6686b] by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:875 - Add the check if old setting folder existed in …

Jun 9, 2017:

12:52 PM Changeset [5b62402]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:875 - Add the check if old setting folder existed in …

Jun 8, 2017:

5:03 PM RasdamanInternalArrayRepresentation created by dmisev

Jun 7, 2017:

2:13 PM Ticket #1575 (should rasdaman have sdom intersection?) created by bbell
given two arbitrary arrays, c & d, c+d is defined cell-wise, and …
1:35 PM PetascopeUserGuide edited by bphamhuu
10:20 AM Ticket #1574 (WCS-Client error with library when loading a lot of coverages) created by bphamhuu
This is a well-known problem for PlanetServer? 2 as they cannot load …
9:06 AM Ticket #1569 (Ingestion with wcst_import is slow in the systemtest) closed by bphamhuu
8:19 AM Changeset [f136395]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1569 - Reduce time for analyzing netCDF file in wcst_import and …

Jun 6, 2017:

4:06 PM Ticket #1539 (WCST_Import Progress bar with wrong slice number) closed by bphamhuu
fixed: I could not reproduce this error when set retry: true as the example …

Jun 1, 2017:

2:06 PM Ticket #1573 (rasdaman does not compile with -DENABLE_STRICT=ON and ...) created by bbell
several warnings arise, including: strict aliasing rules not being …

May 31, 2017:

11:00 AM Ticket #1572 (dbinfo prints the oid in scientific notation) created by bbell
since the oid is of type double for some reason, our changes to the …

May 29, 2017:

7:03 PM Ticket #1571 (systemtest oracle files are 65MB) created by dmisev
The oracle files in the systemtest are 65MB in total. This is almost …
3:58 PM Versions edited by dmisev
3:30 PM InstallFromDEB edited by dmisev
3:00 PM Ticket #1570 (Temporary problem when reinserting WMS styles) created by dmisev
After successfully inserting a new style(e.g.C0117051747_2465_30_gy) …
12:10 PM Ticket #1569 (Ingestion with wcst_import is slow in the systemtest) created by dmisev
rasql executes updates in less than 100ms, but the update queries from …
11:16 AM Ticket #1568 (implement polygon clipping) created by bbell
following the work performed in D399, one should implement the polygon …
10:49 AM Ticket #1567 (valgrind for system tests) created by bbell
In order to control memory leaks in Rasdaman, one should additionally …
10:48 AM Changeset [189cddd]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1531 - fix compilation with autotools

May 26, 2017:

2:49 PM Ticket #1388 (Rasql_Memory leak with swith case expression) closed by bbell
2:45 PM Changeset [8f1ef3b]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1388 - fix memory leak in case expressions Summary: the memory …
9:32 AM WikiStart edited by pbaumann
9:30 AM WikiStart edited by pbaumann
9:29 AM WikiStart edited by pbaumann

May 23, 2017:

7:58 PM Ticket #1508 (Petacope_AcceptVersions in WCS requests) closed by bphamhuu
fixed: The warning is logged in petascope, wcs client also sends …
7:13 PM Changeset [5b49eaf]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1508 - Change wcs-client to use AcceptVersions? as parameter and …
7:12 PM Changeset [e0e4ab8]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1531 - minimal grammar extension for remote collection …
3:08 PM Ticket #1566 (wcst_import should support python statements) created by vmerticariu
Currently, wcst_import only supports evaluating python expressions. It …
1:11 PM Ticket #1564 (WCST_Import InsertCoverage with first datetime slice as bound on old ...) closed by bphamhuu
1:10 PM Changeset [897a327]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1564 - WCST_Import InsertCoverage? with first datetime as bound …
1:10 PM Changeset [c5a5b42]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1508 - WCS supports acceptversions in GetCapabilities? request …

May 22, 2017:

9:50 AM Ticket #1565 (WCST_Import Send UpdateWcsLayer request to WMS handler instead of ...) created by bphamhuu
When ingredient file specified with […] the last slices of the …

May 19, 2017:

10:54 AM Ticket #1564 (WCST_Import InsertCoverage with first datetime slice as bound on old ...) created by bphamhuu
For old recipes (time_series_regular, time_series_irregular) and the …

May 18, 2017:

4:49 PM Ticket #1558 (encode to csv and json outputs rounded values for float and double, ...) closed by bbell
fixed: Replying to dmisev: > Should it be closed? I think so.
1:25 PM WikiStart edited by pbaumann
1:09 PM WikiStart edited by pbaumann
1:04 PM Ticket #1562 (wait for currently running RASBASE transactions) closed by dmisev
12:54 PM Changeset [2fa689e]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1562 - wait for currently running RASBASE transactions …
12:53 PM Changeset [3aa925f]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1542 - fix shutdown of rasserver Summary: rasmgr wasn't …
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