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#684 closed defect (wontfix)

Segfault on aggregation over large composite types

Reported by: dmisev Owned by: dmisev
Priority: major Milestone: 9.0.x
Component: rnprotocol Version: development
Keywords: Cc: pbaumann, joosthoek
Complexity: Hard


Aggregation on composite types (in particular with a lot of struct members) like

struct FloatPixel? { float band1, band2, band3, band4, band5, band6, band7, band8, band9, band10, band11, band12, band13, band14, band15, band16, band17, band18, band19, band20, band21, band22, band23, band24, band25, band26, band27, band28, band29, band30, band31, band32, band33, band34, band35, band36, band37, band38, band39, band40, band41, band42, band43, band44, band45, band46, band47, band48, band49, band50, band51, band52, band53, band54, band55, band56, band57, band58, band59, band60, band61, band62, band63, band64, band65, band66, band67, band68, band69, band70, band71, band72, band73, band74, band75, band76, band77, band78, band79, band80, band81, band82, band83, band84, band85, band86, band87, band88, band89, band90, band91, band92, band93, band94, band95, band96, band97, band98, band99, band100, band101, band102, band103, band104, band105, band106, band107, band108, band109, band110, band111, band112, band113, band114, band115, band116, band117, band118, band119, band120, band121, band122, band123, band124, band125, band126, band127, band128, band129, band130, band131, band132, band133, band134, band135, band136, band137, band138, band139, band140, band141, band142, band143, band144, band145, band146, band147, band148, band149, band150, band151, band152, band153, band154, band155, band156, band157, band158, band159, band160, band161, band162, band163, band164, band165, band166, band167, band168, band169, band170, band171, band172, band173, band174, band175, band176, band177, band178, band179, band180, band181, band182, band183, band184, band185, band186, band187, band188, band189, band190, band191, band192, band193, band194, band195, band196, band197, band198, band199, band200, band201, band202, band203, band204, band205, band206, band207, band208, band209, band210, band211, band212, band213, band214, band215, band216, band217, band218, band219, band220, band221, band222, band223, band224, band225, band226, band227, band228, band229, band230, band231, band232, band233, band234, band235, band236, band237, band238, band239, band240, band241, band242, band243, band244, band245, band246, band247, band248, band249, band250, band251, band252, band253, band254, band255, band256, band257, band258, band259, band260, band261, band262, band263, band264, band265, band266, band267, band268, band269, band270, band271, band272, band273, band274, band275, band276, band277, band278, band279, band280, band281, band282, band283, band284, band285, band286, band287, band288, band289, band290, band291, band292, band293, band294, band295, band296, band297, band298, band299, band300, band301, band302, band303, band304, band305, band306, band307, band308, band309, band310, band311, band312, band313, band314, band315, band316, band317, band318, band319, band320, band321, band322, band323, band324, band325, band326, band327, band328, band329, band330, band331, band332, band333, band334, band335, band336, band337, band338, band339, band340, band341, band342, band343, band344, band345, band346, band347, band348, band349, band350, band351, band352, band353, band354, band355, band356, band357, band358, band359, band360, band361, band362, band363, band364, band365, band366, band367, band368, band369, band370, band371, band372, band373, band374, band375, band376, band377, band378, band379, band380, band381, band382, band383, band384, band385, band386, band387, band388, band389, band390, band391, band392, band393, band394, band395, band396, band397, band398, band399, band400, band401, band402, band403, band404, band405, band406, band407, band408, band409, band410, band411, band412, band413, band414, band415, band416, band417, band418, band419, band420, band421, band422, band423, band424, band425, band426, band427, band428, band429, band430, band431, band432, band433, band434, band435, band436, band437, band438; };

results in:

#0  0x0000000000590544 in rnp::RnpProtocolDecoder::getCommand (this=0x9b1688) at ../rnprotocol/
#1  0x000000000058b7c6 in RnpRasDaManComm::executeQueryRpc (this=0x9b1680) at ../rnprotocol/
#2  0x000000000058ae59 in RnpRasDaManComm::decodeFragment (this=0x9b1680) at ../rnprotocol/
#3  0x000000000058a89f in RnpRasDaManComm::processRequest (this=0x9b1680, receiverBuffer=0xbbd600, transmiterBuffer=0xbbd628, protocol=rnp::RnpTransport::crp_Rnp, callingJob=0xbbd5a0) at ../rnprotocol/
#4  0x000000000059216b in rnp::RnpServerJob::processRequest (this=0xbbd5a0) at ../rnprotocol/
#5  0x00000000006da10b in akg::NbCommunicator::processJobs (this=0x9b1760) at
#6  0x00000000006da028 in akg::NbCommunicator::mainLoop (this=0x9b1760) at
#7  0x00000000006d9f52 in akg::NbCommunicator::runServer (this=0x9b1760) at
#8  0x0000000000589acf in startRnpServer () at ../rnprotocol/
#9  0x00000000005303f6 in main (argc=14, argv=0x7fff3aff5f68) at

Change History (2)

comment:1 Changed 3 years ago by pbaumann

maybe try to split it into several queries where each one addresses a smaller number of bands, small enough to work.

comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by dmisev

  • Resolution set to wontfix
  • Status changed from new to closed

Won't fix in RNP, new protocol in 9.1 will fix it.

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