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imagecrsmetadata when subsetting near border

Reported by: pcampalani Owned by: mdumitru
Priority: major Milestone: Future
Component: petascope Version: development
Keywords: imagecrsmetadata border Cc:
Complexity: Medium


I currently can reproduce the error only on a coverage I imported here locally.
I will take care of this.

The problem arise on an imagecrsdomain expression, where the coverage is previously subset near its border.

for c in (eobscov_higher)
return imagecrsdomain( c[Long(30:50)] , Lat)

Server log:
 TRACE [13:13:13] Crs@126: CellDomain extremes values: LOW: 0, HIGH:100
 TRACE [13:13:13] Crs@131: Domain extremes coordinates: (25, 50.25)
 TRACE [13:13:13] Crs@132: Subset cooordinates: (30.0, 50.0)
 TRACE [13:13:13] Crs@137: Checking order, format and bounds of axis Long ...
 TRACE [13:13:13] Crs@194: Converting axis Long interval to pixel indices ...
 DEBUG [13:13:13] Crs@342: Transformed coords indices (20,100)
 TRACE [13:13:13] TrimCoverageExpr@92: Number of dimensions: 3
 TRACE [13:13:13] TrimCoverageExpr@102: Axis list count: 1
 TRACE [13:13:13] TrimCoverageExpr@114: Axis ID: 1
 TRACE [13:13:13] TrimCoverageExpr@115: Axis name: Long
 TRACE [13:13:13] TrimCoverageExpr@122:   axis: Getting coordinates.
 TRACE [13:13:13] TrimCoverageExpr@128:     axis coords: 20:100
 ERROR [13:13:13] ScalarExpr@148: Invalid coverage Expression, next node: trim
 ERROR [13:13:13] ScalarExpr@148: Invalid coverage Expression, next node: imageCrsDomain
 ERROR [13:13:13] WcpsServlet@263: WCPS: error
 ERROR [13:13:13] WcpsServlet@264: WCPS: setting response mimetype to text/html; charset=utf-8
 ERROR [13:13:13] WcpsServlet@266: WCPS: returning the following error message
WcpsError: Invalid coverage Expression, next node: imageCrsDomain
	at petascope.wcps.server.core.ScalarExpr.<init>(
	at petascope.wcps.server.core.XmlQuery.startParsing(
	at petascope.wcps.server.core.ProcessCoveragesRequest.<init>(
	at petascope.wcps.server.core.Wcps.pcPrepare(
	at petascope.wcps.server.core.Wcps.pcPrepare(

Coverage summary:

  <BoundingBox xmlns="" crs="http://localhost:8090/def/crs-compound?1=http://localhost:8090/def//crs/OGC/0/Temporal?epoch="1950-01-01T00:00:00"&uom="d"&2=http://localhost:8090/def//crs/EPSG/0/4326" dimensions="3">
    <LowerCorner>0 25 17.50</LowerCorner>
    <UpperCorner>3.0 50.25 75.5</UpperCorner>

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comment:2 Changed 20 months ago by bphamhuu

This ticket is hard to reproduce as it depends on data of coverage to calculate sdom based on ImageCrsDomain?. I have tried to make a coverage same coordinates (Lat, Long, time) as you but actually the query can return value. It is pity that you could not attach the file for testing later then I think this ticket will be closed if no one reports a same error.

comment:3 Changed 20 months ago by pcampalani

Hi Pham,
Yes, sorry I left this behind. !
I guess you can close this ticket, it might have been fixed along with some other patch. !

comment:4 Changed 20 months ago by bphamhuu

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Thanks for your sharing, Piero.
Then I will close this ticket here and hopefully no one will have this problem again.

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