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WCS_CRS_Extension Support reproject on distort coverage.

Reported by: bphamhuu Owned by:
Priority: major Milestone: 10.0
Component: petascope Version: development
Keywords: project on distort, reprojection. Cc: pbaumann, dmisev, vmerticariu
Complexity: Hard


CRS_Extension is used to reproject from a 2D coverage in a native CRS (e.g: EPSG:4326) to another outputCrs (e.g: 3857). However, I'm not sure about the possibility to reproject a distort coverage (irregular axis) with this extension.

It is not straightforward to use a CRS transform library to reproject the distort (irregular) 2D coverage from CRS named A to another CRS named B. Actually, I never seen any 2D coverage like this (without time axis).

I think we can support now is reprojection with regular axis (like: i/long/E, j/lat/N) (not sure about the irregular axis).

Dimitar suggested to open ticket to discuss.

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comment:1 Changed 17 months ago by pbaumann

we might use the grid points as GCPs for GDAL, would that work?

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