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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#792 is not created dmisev defect blocker undecided
#270 Deprecate old servlets in petascope dmisev enhancement critical 9.0 petascope
#355 SECORE issues with parametrized CRSs in a compounding mrusu defect critical secore
#603 Subsets are not transformed to indexes when arithmetic expression is used vmerticariu defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#787 WCS scaling extension wrongly maps scale-factor to WCPS pcampalani defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#984 Shift operation fails on 1D arrays dmisev defect critical server
#17 importing into rasdaman defect major conversion
#19 Connection to base DBMS leaking cjucovschi defect major server
#32 multiplication by long scalar delivers wrong result cj defect major server
#49 Induced operation breaks MDD structure cjucovschi defect major server
#85 Segmentation fault with GDAL driver dmisev defect major gdal driver
#120 Drop/Erase collection fails after several data has been loaded dmisev defect major 8.4 rasserver
#124 Error when selecting non-materialized parts of an mdd dmisev defect major 8.4 qlparser
#129 Error parsing insert TIFF query with inv_tiff() defect major 8.4 qlparser
#139 rasdl basetype deletion issue defect major 8.4 rasdl
#192 Runtime error if don't supply subset parameters. dmisev defect major 8.4 petascope
#206 WCS error handling needs cleanup uadhikari defect major 9.0.x petascope
#259 integrate WCPS into the WCS name space vmerticariu task major 9.0.x raswct
#328 Write transaction in progress dmisev defect major server
#344 subsetting missing one dimension is interpreted as crsTransform request abeccati defect major petascope
#372 WCPS1.5_Returns Boolean, Binary scalar expressions without encoding mdumitru defect major 10.0 petascope
#396 Add and verify error-prone queries to WCPS test suite pcampalani task major Future systemtest
#404 Add and verify error-prone queries to WCS test suite pcampalani task major Future systemtest
#424 Harmonize debug output in rasdaman dmisev enhancement major Future undecided
#444 finalize doc for 9.0 pbaumann enhancement major manuals_and_examples
#447 Develop the wcsproc extension pbaumann enhancement major Future petascope
#450 Test rasserver with limited amount of memory dmisev defect major 9.0.x rasserver
#457 Petascope should mark some errors as 404 mdumitru defect major petascope
#566 UoM for range quantities not to be used as UoM for CRS axes in MultiPoint coverages pcampalani defect major 9.0 petascope
#600 Numeric expressions of scalars require white space mdumitru defect major Future petascope
#612 Implement GeoTiff Coverage Enconding WCS extension pcampalani feature major Future petascope
#634 Implement the Processing Coverage extension mdumitru defect major 9.0 undecided
#709 CRS parameter for encode() function pcampalani defect major 9.0.x petascope
#711 Communication Protocol change mdumitru defect major undecided
#722 Error on WC*S query with binary encoding and ISO temporal subsets bphamhuu defect major 9.2 petascope
#764 WCS conformance testing pcampalani task major 9.0.x petascope
#769 WCS Scaling extension to update internal grid topology in the XML response pcampalani defect major 9.0.x petascope
#846 WCST systemtests require more than 1 request vmerticariu enhancement major 9.1 systemtest
#851 Make petascope independent from Tomcat bismaili defect major 9.1 petascope
#878 Modulo operation does not respect null values dmisev defect major catalogmgr
#885 SQLite locking and updates dmisev defect major 10.0 relblobif
#908 WMS 1.3 does not support time CRSs mdumitru defect major 9.3 undecided
#1004 rasdl should check for instances before deleting a type dmisev defect major rasdl
#1012 support ingestion of data between slices on an irregular axis vmerticariu enhancement major undecided
#1013 png format in WCS mdumitru defect major petascope
#1015 failing to ingest irregular timeseries slice leaves metadata db inconsistent vmerticariu defect major petascope
#1018 Wrong subset Y with mages without georeferenced bphamhuu defect major 9.2 petascope
#1054 rasnet: running directql without specifying connection gmerticariu defect major 9.1.x rasnet
#1056 Petascopedb is not identical in some tables between imported by wcst_import and testcase_services ( dmisev defect major systemtest
#1125 obtain DOI for rasdaman code pbaumann enhancement major Future wiki
#1149 Error when ingest a coverage same name with existing collection defect major 9.2 petascope
#1220 WCPS1.5_Inconsistence in parsing float scalar and float expression defect major 10.0 petascope
#1325 Petascope_Different result in total pixel sizes with GDAL defect major 9.3 petascope
#1329 Fail querying from rasj dmisev defect major 9.4 java
#1361 Rasdaman struct select does not work with named components dmisev defect major 9.3 qlparser
#1379 Petascope_Check format type of encoding from WCS defect major 9.3 petascope
#1391 Rasql_Only point to the first ranges's name even if ranges are specified different names dmisev defect major 9.3 rasql
#1405 Subsetting in WCS using a different CRS fails bphamhuu defect major 9.3 petascope
#1416 WCPS_crs transformation should not be handled in encode bphamhuu defect major 9.3 petascope
#1448 SystemTest_WCST_Import_log only log for failed cases with error message bphamhuu defect major 9.3 systemtest
#1456 problem with duplicate collection names bphamhuu defect major 9.3 petascope
#1457 No geo-reference metadata from custom SECORE CRS when encoding in TIFF bphamhuu defect major 10.0 secore
#1607 Update WCS_Client in Earthlook to current rasdaman version vmerticariu defect major 9.5 tutorial
#62 png_info has no member named trans_values on slackware 13.37 pbaumann defect minor conversion
#313 decode() with automatic format recognition dmisev enhancement minor Future conversion
#342 Memory leak detection j.yu enhancement minor 9.0.x systemtest
#445 clean up RNP c/s protocol code pbaumann enhancement minor Future rnprotocol
#491 parsing of parameter variables with rasj is inflexible dmisev defect minor java
#613 Implement Interpolation WCS extension pcampalani feature minor Future petascope
#632 doesn't work on default 8.5.2 rpm installation. dmisev defect minor RPM
#808 Move into dmisev question minor 10.0 petascope
#924 wcst_import should support relative paths mdumitru defect minor 9.1 applications
#1001 rasdaman database creation script has cryptic error msg dmisev enhancement minor undecided
#1156 Petascope internal error when run wcst_import in batch import defect minor 9.2 petascope
#1261 Rasj does not support return complex number from WCPS mdumitru defect minor 10.0 java
#1319 WCPS_crsTransform() throw correct exception in case of GDAL error with projection. enhancement minor 9.3 petascope
#1572 dbinfo prints the oid in scientific notation bbell defect minor qlparser
#670 NetCDF format extension is unused pcampalani defect trivial 9.0.x petascope
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