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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#596 WCPS1.5_WCPS Interval expression to actually support mathematical expressions assigned defect major 10.0 petascope
#680 Customizable handling of sample size of a coverage point assigned enhancement major 10.0 petascope
#913 Move coverage's grid origin when domain is extended assigned defect major Future petascope
#928 Incorrect result of CASE statement with MDDs in "then" clauses assigned defect major 9.5 qlparser
#936 Inserting slices in middle of existing irregular timeseries assigned defect major 9.5 petascope
#973 induced condense doesn't seem to consider nulls new defect major 10.0 qlparser
#1168 Centralized configuration manager assigned enhancement major Future undecided
#1293 Induced condenser doesn't work with where clause new defect major 10.0 qlparser
#1385 case fails on array joins with different tiling new defect major 10.0 qlparser
#309 extend user guidance in raswct guide assigned enhancement minor Future raswct
#461 CASE statement should work with differently tiled arrays new enhancement minor Future qlparser
#653 Dev documentation on Petascope classes assigned task minor Future wiki
#826 Port ES partners' clients to raswct assigned defect minor Future undecided
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