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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#888 Overflow in parsing mintervals new defect critical 10.0 qlparser
#1582 problem in cast operator new defect critical 9.5 qlparser
#216 Index testing assigned enhancement major Future indexmgr
#268 Petascope streaming results new enhancement major 10.0 petascope
#311 Dynamic re-tiling of arrays new feature major Future rasserver
#378 Interest tiling does not work for 3D+ assigned defect major 10.0 qlparser
#480 Aligned tiling does not work in general nD with partial updates new defect major Future qlparser
#542 Function calls in complex types constructors assigned enhancement major Future qlparser
#602 Adding sorting capabilities to rasdaman new feature major Future applications
#783 database object caching is too greedy assigned defect major Future reladminif
#837 Parallel ingestion issue accepted defect major Future lockmgr
#861 avg_cells overflows new defect major 10.0 qlparser
#887 Partial updates 6D new defect major 10.0 tilemgr
#950 Null value must be an integer or integer interval new enhancement major 10.0 qlparser
#1089 Test RASBASE durability with parallel queries new enhancement major 10.0 systemtest
#1091 Document rasdaman top-level directories new enhancement major Future wiki
#1095 WCS-T doesn't support CInt16 assigned defect major Future petascope
#1099 Deprecate rasdl new defect major 10.0 rasdl
#1101 sdom reports bounds of physical tiles, rather than actual data bounds new defect major 10.0 qlparser
#1102 Tiling code in rasodmg new defect major 10.0 rasodmg
#1127 Testing scenario for rasdaman functionality assigned defect major 10.0 undecided
#1157 OIds stored as double assigned defect major 10.0 undecided
#1174 compile warnings reappeared new defect major Future undecided
#1191 Investigate all indexes and tiling strategies in rasdaman assigned task major 10.0 tilemgr
#1195 delete from collection slow for big collections new defect major 10.0 relblobif
#1247 rasql takes a really log time to retrieve 1GB of 3D data assigned defect major 10.0 rasnet
#1276 rasserver dies with segfault when configured with a postgres backend assigned defect major 9.5 rasserver
#1295 Rasdaman installer error reporting assigned defect major Future build system
#1304 3D coverages in WMS assigned question major 10.0 petascope
#1320 Embedding netcdf compilation in rasdaman new enhancement major Future build system
#1354 optimize load should take into consideration all the intervals new defect major 10.0 undecided
#1367 RPMs should invoke assigned defect major 9.4 build system
#1370 chunk size in network protocol assigned defect major 10.0 clientcomm
#1408 Rasql_Project() does not work properly with multiband coverages new defect major 10.0 rasql
#1440 The systemtest should test compiling example C++ and Java client programs assigned task major Future systemtest
#1478 raspasswd doesn't exist assigned defect major 9.5 rascontrol
#1479 help command broken in rascontrol new defect major rascontrol
#1480 setting user password containing a $ new defect major 9.4 rascontrol
#1482 Problems with etc/rasmgr.auth new defect major 9.4 rascontrol
#1484 custom rasmgr port in start/ assigned defect major 9.4 bin
#228 Add function in rasql to rotate objects assigned enhancement minor Future qlparser
#246 Getting information about arrays reopened enhancement minor Future qlparser
#254 Regular computed index much slower than R+ tree index new defect minor Future indexmgr
#340 Dead code detection new enhancement minor Future undecided
#364 expand parameter should be aplicable to ParameterizedCRS assigned task minor Future secore
#367 Add format parameter to SECORE new task minor Future secore
#388 Add constraints on compound CRSs assigned enhancement minor Future secore
#532 Trailing white spaces new defect minor Future undecided
#679 Support for gml:CompoundCRS assigned enhancement minor Future petascope
#794 complex constructor doesn't work with rasj assigned defect minor 10.0 java
#942 header files should be installed in include/rasdaman subdir new enhancement minor 10.0 build system
#1161 diverging file name conventions new defect minor 10.0 undecided
#1166 concentrating default values new defect minor Future build system
#1175 rasql create type is not preserving the axis names assigned defect minor Future undecided
#1180 brush up generated API documentation new defect minor Future undecided
#1251 API should use more defaults new defect minor Future rasodmg
#1303 Rasql_WCPS_Support interpolation argument in project() and crsTransform() functions new enhancement minor 10.0 petascope
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