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#904 rasdaman should implement OGC 12-100r1 (GeoTIFF) gmerticariu, adumitru, dmisev new pbaumann enhancement major
#1103 Tiling behavior mdumitru, dmisev, vmerticariu new pbaumann defect major
#1127 Testing scenario for rasdaman functionality dmisev, pbaumann, vmerticariu, bphamhuu assigned dmisev defect major
#1191 Investigate all indexes and tiling strategies in rasdaman pbaumann, vmerticariu, mdumitru, dmisev assigned dmisev task major
#1273 Petascope ODMG - Wrong return from single boolean value in Rasql query dmisev new defect major
#1316 WCS_CRS_Extension Support reproject on distort coverage. pbaumann, dmisev, vmerticariu new defect major
#1342 Petascope_Create correct base type with range fields when create collection dmisev assigned bbell defect major
#1373 Rasql_Using only the first set types if have multiple same structure types dmisev, vmerticariu, stimilsina assigned bbell defect major
#1393 Rasj_Select into is not valid query dmisev assigned bphamhuu defect major
#1401 Rasql_Memory leak with Select into when insert with many MDDs dmisev new defect major
#1408 Rasql_Project() does not work properly with multiband coverages dmisev new dmisev defect major
#1474 Rasql_Cannot encode multiple ranges in netcdf vmerticariu, dmisev assigned bbell defect major
#1517 unit tests for tiling dmisev, vmerticariu new bbell defect major
#1529 wcst_import pixelIsPoint:true should be applied internally for netCdf, gribb file vmerticariu, dmisev new enhancement major
#1531 intra-query parallelisation dmisev new mtarigradschi enhancement major
#1546 rasserver log error reporting not always informative bphamhuu, dmisev new defect major
#1563 problem with type assignment while outputting to csv/json from a switch/case query with varying data types in each case dmisev new bbell defect major
#1567 valgrind for system tests dmisev, vmerticariu, pbaumann new defect major
#1568 implement polygon clipping dmisev, vmerticariu, pbaumann new bbell enhancement major
#1589 Rasql_Read query from a file when it is too long for bash dmisev, vmerticariu, bbell, pbaumann assigned defect major
#1599 SECORE_Change to use Spring Boot framework dmisev, vmerticariu, pbaumann new defect major
#1602 add correct lat/lon to pixel index transformation test dmisev new bphamhuu defect major
#1610 OWS_Client WCS/WMS GetCapabilities should be invoked automatically when user invokes modifying requests from client dmisev, vmerticariu new bphamhuu enhancement major
#155 flip operation dmisev new pbaumann enhancement minor
#1224 Replace signal with sigaction mdumitru, dmisev, gmerticariu, vmerticariu new enhancement minor
#1303 Rasql_WCPS_Support interpolation argument in project() and crsTransform() functions dmisev, vmerticariu new dmisev enhancement minor
#1308 Petascope_More meaniningful error from Rasql projection() dmisev, vmerticariu new defect minor
#1339 Rasql_Throw exception when incompatible casting dmisev new defect minor
#1473 Rasql_Check jpeg2000 values consistently dmisev new defect minor
#1526 Put the crs variable to netCDF output dmisev, vmerticariu new defect minor
#1549 support for inf in rasdaman dmisev, vmerticariu assigned enhancement minor
#1573 rasdaman does not compile with -DENABLE_STRICT=ON and -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS=" -O3" dmisev, vmerticariu new bbell defect minor
#1575 should rasdaman have sdom intersection? dmisev, vmerticariu, bphamhuu, pbaumann new bbell enhancement minor
#1579 binary & unary ops: type validity can be extended dmisev new bbell defect minor
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