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#1127 Testing scenario for rasdaman functionality dmisev, pbaumann, vmerticariu, bphamhuu assigned dmisev defect major
#1304 3D coverages in WMS bphamhuu, vmerticariu, pbaumann assigned dmisev question major
#1367 RPMs should invoke bphamhuu assigned dmisev defect major
#1411 Updates should ignore null values? pbaumann, vmerticariu, bphamhuu, negroscuro7@… new question major
#1546 rasserver log error reporting not always informative bphamhuu, dmisev new defect major
#1571 systemtest oracle files are 65MB bphamhuu, vmerticariu, bbell, pbaumann new enhancement major
#1576 rasj requires the remote hostname to be resolvable locally vmerticariu, pbaumann, bphamhuu new defect major
#1597 CONCAT should be supported in WCPS? pbaumann, bphamhuu, vmerticariu new enhancement major
#679 Support for gml:CompoundCRS mase, bphamhuu assigned dmisev enhancement minor
#1143 WCST Import should write the result of the ingestion to a log file bphamhuu assigned bphamhuu defect minor
#1575 should rasdaman have sdom intersection? dmisev, vmerticariu, bphamhuu, pbaumann new bbell enhancement minor
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